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Branded Content


As businesses expand their social media outreach, they realize the truth in “content in king.” Well written content can engage customers, build brands, and drive thought leadership.

So who writes the content? Marketing or public relations professionals? In the days of one-way communication, they were well-suited to stay on message and sell. But could they engage in meaningful conversation with key stakeholders and customers?

Welcome to the age of “brand content,” where professional journalists write for/about the business from the inside. Forbes shows the increasing important brand content and content marketing has, while a Digiday article discusses journalists as “corporate reporters who work inside the company and produce media like blog posts, videos, webinars and more.” It’s like having your own private journalist.

It makes sense. Your target audience wants to have a conversation. They want your business to talk with them, not at them. A journalist is skillful at interviewing, listening, explaining, telling meaningful stories, and objectively reporting back to you. That means compelling content, case studies, and social media engagement for your business.

Jon Boroshok is available for branded content on a project basis. With years of experience as a journalist, public relations practitioner, and award-winning college instructor, he will quickly learn the language and culture of your company and industry, and develop relevant content to help you self-publish and engage your key audiences.